Nadia Isabelle Vaughn

Nadia is a Lea doll with Molly’s gray eyes and a Dark Roast Romantic wig from Beautifully Custom. Her birthday is June 30. Her favorite colors are pink and silver. She loves to read, especially diaries of people who share their medical journeys. Her favorite food is dumplings. Her mom always makes them for her special occasions – without chicken, just the way she likes them. Her favorite song is Not Backing Down by Blanca. Her favorite TV show is Royal Pains. She has a huge crush on Hank! Her favorite movie is Miracles from Heaven.  When she grows up, she wants to be a nurse. She wants to make a very personal impact on patients in the way she has seen the nurses do at the hospital where her mom works. Her best friend is Olivia. Their moms are doctors at the same hospital, and they have been friends since they were babies. They are so much alike and love spending time together.  They hope to stay close through college and some day work together at the same hospital.


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