Laura Beth Jennings

Lauara Beth is a Marie-Grace doll with a Chocolate Chip Glow wig from Beautifully Custom. Her birthday is December 22. Her favorite color is navy blue. Her favorite food is popcorn. It’s her favorite snack, but it’s also often what she eats for dinner. Her favorite singer is Carrie Underwood, and she loved her performance in The Sound of Music. She is also a big fan of Tenney Grant. Nora is the granddaughter of Waylon Jennings. She loves listening to country music, but her talents are in the theater. Her favorite theater production is Hamlet, and she hopes to star in the show one day. She loves history and literature and really enjoys period costumes. She is a fun-loving girl, but takes her future very seriously. She is in the theater club at her school and spends a lot of her time preparing for performances. She also loves spending time with her family and friends.


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