Kylie Joy Klein

Kylie is a Marie-Grace doll with Tenney’s light brown eyes and a Paprika Graceful wig from Beautifully Custom. Her birthday is February 7.  Her favorite colors are coral and gold. Her favorite animals are giraffes.  Her favorite food is peanut butter.  She puts it on everything! Her best friend is Amber, who loves to cook for her, despite her preference to live on peanut butter.  Her favorite musician is Chris Tomlin. She loves all his songs, but her favorite is Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone). In her free time, she loves to watch crime shows on TV. Some of her favorites are NCIS, Elementary, and Blind Spot. She also enjoys working on science projects. She is very into forensics and wants to be an FBI agent when she grows up. She is a quiet and calm girl who works hard, but doesn’t stress.




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