Karina LaShae Welling

Karina is a Truly Me #28  doll with Caroline’s seafoam green eyes and a Natural Black Paradise wig from Beautifully Custom.  Her birthday is May 9th. Her favorite colors are purple and turquoise. Her favorite food is pasta, which she prefers to have with every meal. She also loves chai tea, and her tea kettle gets used every single day. Her hobbies include photography and videography. She is also a doll collector. She loves taking photos of her dolls and making stop motion films. She recently ordered a brand new set of filming accessories and is super excited to put them to use! When she grows up, she wants to work in media production for a toy company. Working for American Girl would be a dream come true for her! She is a confident and energetic girl with a lot of talent and big dreams for her future.


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