Jocelyn Claire Miller

Jocelyn is a Grace doll with her freckles removed.  She has Caroline’s eyes and a Vanilla Elegance wig from Beautifully Custom.  Her birthday is September 30.  Her favorite colors are red and yellow.  Her favorite movie is Divergent. Her favorite food is hamburgers.  She likes her burgers loaded with sauces and loves trying new kinds of specialty burgers. Her best friend is Kara. They both really love to eat and are always the first to try new restaurants. She has an outgoing personality and can easily talk with anyone she meets. Strangers quickly become her friends. Her favorite hobby is shopping!  She loves fashion, but really loves purses and accessories. Art is her favorite subject, and she loves designing. She hopes to be a famous purse maker when she grows up. She already has a lovely JOCEYLN MILLER label designed and can’t wait to sell her first purse some day!


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