Jaylynne Grace Carter-Kent

Jaylynne is a Rebecca doll with BeForever Felicity’s eyes and a Sugar Cookie Romantic wig from Beautifully Custom. Her birthday is June 7. Her favorite colors are mint, purple, pink, and gold. Her favorite foods are anything with bread and cheese! She also enjoys biscuits and gravy. Her hobbies include dance and photography. She also enjoys journaling. Her favorite song is Nothin’ on You by Hollyn. Her favorite movies are the Divergent series. She’s very excited for the newest movie in the series, which is scheduled to be released on her birthday! She married Clark Kent on February 4 and loves being a wife. She has always wanted to be a teacher and recently began a job as a 4th grade teacher. She is fun-loving, caring, and studious. She works hard and has high expectations for others.


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