Jayla Faith Adams

Jayla is a Truly Me #64 doll with Marie-Grace eyes and a Boysenberry wig from ZaZou dolls. Her birthday is September 17. Her favorite color is magenta. Her favorite song is Hold Me by Jamie Grace. Her favorite food is waffles. She loves trying new flavors and experimenting with creating her own. She also loves Mello Yello, but is annoyed by the way it’s spelled. She is extremely dedicated to her school work and has never made a B in her life. Her favorite subject is chemistry. When she grows up, she wants to be a pharmacist, and she knows she will need to be at the top of her class to get in to pharmacy school. She is a wonderful person and friend, but can sometimes alienate her friends a little when she’s studying for a big test or working on a major school project. She also volunteers in her community and enjoys working with children. She is amazing at everything she tries, but it’s impossible to dislike her for it because her personality is so beautiful.




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