Janaya Analisse Montgomery

Janaya is a Nanea doll with custom dark blue eyes and a Dark Chocolate Graceful wig from Beautifully Custom.  Her birthday is on April 10.  Her favorite colors are teal and gray.  Her favorite food is peanut M&Ms.  She would eat them every day if she could, and she especially enjoys them on stressful days.  She enjoys spending time outdoors and is a perfect shot at the shooting range.  She is close to her extended family and loves large family gatherings when she can see all her cousins.  Some of her favorite memories are of cousin adventures.  When she grows up, she wants to be an investigative detective in a small town.  Janaya is a dedicated friend who loves to solve problems among other friends.  She doesn’t particularly enjoy school, but she is a good student who always follows the rules.



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