Clark Lincoln Kent

Clark is an Emily doll with an Espresso Brave wig from Beautifully Custom.  His birthday is April 26. His favorite colors are red and blue. He has one pet: a dog named Shelby. His best friends are Jaylynne and Logan. His favorite food is cheeseburgers, and his favorite drink is orange juice. His favorite movie is Man of Steel. His favorite song is Save Me by Remy Zero. His favorite subjects are English and history. He is an investigative reporter and enjoys writing about the Red Blue Blur. He is a brave and caring young man who will do anything to help someone in need. A country boy at heart, he enjoys the simple things in life and loves quiet evenings at home. He’s carrying around a big secret that weighs heavily on him at times, but he enjoys life and is committed to fulfilling his purpose in the world.


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