Camryn Alayna Masters

Camryn is a Truly Me #62 doll with green eyes from a Truly Me #61 doll and a Toasted Almond wig from Exquisite Doll Designs. Her birthday is November 2. Her favorite color is sky blue. Her favorite movie is Brave, and her favorite song is Touch the Sky. Her favorite food is beef jerky. She has been known to carry jerky in her pocket for a quick snack. She loves horses! She loves caring for them, training them, and most of all, riding them. When she is riding a horse through the woods, she feels so free and peaceful. There is no better feeling in the world to her. When she grows up, she wants to own a horse farm and offer programs for children with special needs. She’s a strong-willed and hard-working girl with a big heart.



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