Avery Nicole Carmichael

Avery is a Grace doll with Caroline‚Äôs eyes and a sunlit blonde Carlie wig from Britlyn Madison. Her birthday is on January 23. She is an outgoing girl, but struggles with anxiety. She spends a lot of time making lists and organizing things. Being in control of her environment and tasks helps her feel less anxious. She takes herself very seriously and cares a lot about what others think of her. She has a hard time relaxing and is always busy. She enjoys taking on projects to help others and often finds herself overcommitted. Her favorite food is ice cream. She especially enjoys an ice cream treat at the end of a stressful day. It’s even better when she has French fries to dip in her ice cream. Her favorite song is Just a Little Talk with Jesus. She also enjoys listening to classical music. Her favorite subject is math because it’s predictable. When she grows up, Avery wants to be an event planner where she can put her organization skills to work in fun and creative ways.


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