Abigail Lily Bristow

Abigail is a Grace doll with Marie-Grace eyes and a Shortbread Tresses wig from Beautifully Custom.  Her birthday is September 10.  Her favorite color is baby pink.  Her food animals are dogs, but she loves animals of all kinds.  Her favorite food is shrimp.  She especially loves chilled shrimp, but she enjoys it no matter how it’s served.  She is a smart girl who loves to read.  Once she gets started on a new book, she can’t put it down until the end.  Her mom often finds her with a lamp on reading in bed after bedtime.  Abigail is a perfectionist and enjoys spending time organizing and cleaning her room.  She has a hard time concentrated when things aren’t in their places in any environment.  She is a quiet girl who can be a little too serious, but she is a lot of fun when among her closest friends.


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